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Mountain Kongtong is located in Pingliang city,Gansu province.West of Lanzhou is 330km, 280km east of the ancient city Xi’an,1340km south of Beijing. It is the fortress of Guanzhong area in the west of ancient Silk Road. The scenic area is about 84 square kilometers,with peak elevation of 2123 meters, and forest coverage rate of 90 percent or more.

Mountain peaks stand straightly,the cliffs tower aloft, which look like to be created by the immortal. A vast expanse of forest and floating clouds are dimly discernible, which outline a beautiful fairyland. Gathering water to appear a smooth water at the top of steep gorges presents a charm of Lijiang. Kongtong Mountain is imbued with both grandeur of the north mountain and beautiful scenery of the south mountain. With dignified elegance,grandeur,and profound cultural background, eight platforms, nine palaces,twelve monasteries, forty-two building groups,seventy-two cave heavens are full of both exquisite natural landscape and quaint human landscape. Therefore, they have high ornamental, cultural and scientific research value. Since ancient times, it has been hailed as the First mountain of Taoism.



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