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         《崆峒武术》-甘肃平凉崆峒古镇+徐振华+13993350918 (10).JPG

Kung Fu schools was founded in 1999,which is the only boarding culture and Wushu school in Kongtong district that adopts full-time teaching model and closed -off management. The school implements partys educational policy comprehensively, adheres to the principle of popularizing basic culture and highlighting Wushu feature.carrying forward kongtong Wushu and spreading theory on school management expand the school.

《崆峒武术》-甘肃平凉崆峒古镇+徐振华+13993350918 (9).JPG

In 2009,under the concern and support of the Pingliang government, they invested 18 million to build Kung Fu schools. It is located in Kongtong ancient town which is on the foot of the state 5A-class tourist attractionKongtong Mount. The school covers an area of 30 or more mu, a total construction area of 6,558.7 square meters. It has 12 classrooms, which can hold 800 students, a Wushu training hall,a student dormitory building and a multi-functional restaurant. In addition, the computer rooms, lab rooms, multimedia classrooms, library and playground have been listed to build.there are 29 teachers, 200 or more students, 12 teaching classrooms and 9 Wushu training classrooms. The school sets three sections: the primary school, the junior high school and the senior high school. At present, the school has 39 staffs, including 20 under the regular budget, 5 employees, 6 coaches, and 8 logistics workers.

Presently , the culture class sets three sections: the primary school(grade 1-6), the junior high school(grade7-9) and the senior high school(grade1-3). Nine Wushu training class sets some majors: free combat, wushu routine, qigong, shadowboxing,wushu equipment and so on. Every class is equipped experienced and specialized teachers.

Since the Sept of 2009, the school has taken part in 300or more performance and contests. Meanwhile, it has been praised by General Administration of Sport of China for 280 or more medals. In 2004, it has been titled Social Power Advanced School by Kongtong district government. Facing the opportunity and challenges of reform of educational system, Kung Fu schools will adhere to enhancing the comprehensive level of running the school to cultivate  more excellent students.

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