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Ticket price

Slack season:120RMB/person (April1st-31,Oct.)

Busy season:60RMB/person (November1st-31,March)

Opening time:7:00—19:00

Preferential policies (freetickets)

If tourists meet the following conditions,they can enjoy freetickets.

the 70-year old or more (60-year old or more in Gansu) people with ID.

The minors with height below 3250 px.

The religious people with related credentials.

The lay Buddhists with Gansu conversion certificates

The disabled with disabled certificates.

Journalists with press cards or valid documentation issued by department of press which is above province level.

The tour guides with related certificate.

Military personnel,retire army officer,cadets,disabled soldiers with related certificates

Preferential policies (tickets with halfprice)

(1)60-69 years old people with ID

(2)Students with bachelor degree or lower possess theirs tudentcard.

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