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Kongtong Kungfu start from Kongtong Mountain, which is part of Taoism culture. Considered one of Kungfu schools along with Shaolin school,Wudang school,Emei school,and Kunlun school, Kongtong school is part of Taoism culture.Fei Hongzi, the first ancestor of Kongtong school,learned in Shaolin Temple in his early years, and then was a hermit in Kongtong Mountain to learn road act. In 1951, Yan Feixia, the tenth person in charge ,won the championship in Inter-communication Competition held in Beijing. Yan won five champions in sword,spear,boxing,horsetail whisk in 1997 to attend Burma performance. In 1959, he left for Sinkiang,Shanghai, Nanjing,Wuxi, Guangzhou to preach by receiving apprentice.


Kongtong Kungfu has a long traditional history. According to Erya˙shidi recorded:Kongtong man is good at Kungfu. The Tang Dynasty poet Libai: Kongtong mans braveness is handed down through generations. The great poet Dufu praised that Kongtong mountain can be sung by the public in some ways.Kongtong Kungfu pay attention to close relationship. Therefore, handed down by generation after generation, it focuses on protecting Taoism and body building.

Kongtong Kungfu stresses the real heat and real lock. Its purpose is to build body and improve strength. Kongtong Kungfu have many styles, such as,Feilongmen, Zhuihunmen ,Duominmen , Zuimen and Shenquanmen.  In addition to, there are sixteen sets of skills and tricks in every men. Many handed down secrets of success about Kongtong Kungfu lay a good foundation for its promotion and development.

Kongtong Kungfu have absorbed  so much essence of Shaolin school,Wudang school and Emei school that its styles, tricks and heat ways have been integrated. Kongtong Kungfu is characterized by Qibing (a kind of weapon), which is not belong to Eighteen arms of Wushu. Qibing features its small size and convenience, so it can not be easily found and defeat opponents by a surprise move.


Kongtong Kungfu can be divided into Feilongmen, Zhuihunmen ,Duominmen , Zuimen and Shenquanmen from primary stage to anvanced stage. Kongtong Kungfu have a set of fist of the Eighteen Arhats(which is called Shaolin mother fist and created by Bodhidharma ), which is considered as basic training and practiced by Kongtong Kung fu men. Feilongmen, the primary stage of  Kongtong Kungfu, has eight skills:Feilong fist, Feilong palm,Feilong broadsword, Feilong spear,Feilong sword, Feilong shovel,Feilong cudgel, Feilong twin-whip. Zhuihunmen and Duominmen is similar with Feilongmen, but they are more advanced than Feilongmen.

Zuimen is the most advanced men. Such as, Zuishuang sword and Zuibaxian are called the kings of fist . They have many unpredictable and complex actions, like jump leap, rolling-over,swat,rapid rise.Because of its subjective fist position , Shenmenquan  is called the legendary and superb kung fu.

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