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Chinese Go Game Announcement about Organizing Amateur and National Go Members


Date of feeds:2018-06-19 10:22

Chinese go lovers:

In 2018, the Pingliang Culture and Tourism Festival will be held in the middle and late July in the Kongtong Mountain Scenic Area in Pingliang City of Gansu Province, the birthplace of Taoism in the world. At that time, the organizing committee of the contest will hold the “Chess Competition” World Taoism Mountain Go Invitational Tournament and the international famous Taoism Forum. During the period, Lin Jianchao, Nie Weiping, Wang Runan, Hua Yigang, Hua Xueming (female), Wu Gongzhengshu (Japanese), He Yunbo, and well-known chess players Chang Yu, Gu Li, Luo Xihe, Chen Yaoye,Tang Weixing, and Cui Zhehan (South Korean), Lee Chang-ho (South Korea)  and other famous chess players will be invited.

In order to expand the influence of the events, forums and participation, to meet the eager desire of the majority of Go lovers and masters to communicate on the same platform, after a study by the organizing committee, it was decided that on the morning of July 22, Chess enthusiasts and national players will be engaged in the game. Among the Go players enrolled in the contest, 48 players will be identified on the spot by drawing lots, and compete with six national players. If players who have not played in the game can watch the national team competition and try to take a photo with national players. Participants will be responsible for participating fees in tournaments with national players, such as transportation fees, room and board fees, and tickets of Kongtong Mountain.

Deadline for registration: July 15, 2018, 6pm.

Registration Contact:Go Association of Pingliang City  

Zhou Wei:18993330168

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