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The 2018 National Mountaineering Race (Kongtong Mountain Station) and the 6th Gansu Pingliang “Sports Cup” Mountaineering Challenge Competition Announcement


Date of feeds:2018-06-08 04:52

Time and place:

register in Pingliang Sports Center on June 8th,2018;

opening ceremony in Dingbei Square of Kongtong Ancient Town.

Race route and ranking:

This event consists of male、 female challenge groups and fitness groups. The route of the this race covers 8,610 meters,from kongtong ancient town , the north gate, gathering  immortal bridge , Tanzheng lake park, the south gate ticket center, Wendao palace, the Queen Mother’s Palace to Chung Tai platform. The challenge group accepted the first 12 men,and the first eight women, and the first three men and women were awarded 3,000 yuan, 2,000 yuan and 1,000 yuan respectively, then the fourth ,fifth, sixth place were awarded 800 yuan respectively; the seventh,eighth, ninth place were awarded 500 yuan;the rest of were awarded 300 yuan. In addition to, participant organization also received excellent organization prize.

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