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Qingming Festival--Kongtong Mountain Encounters Spring Snow in April


Date of feeds:2018-04-13 09:29

On the first day of the Qingming Festival, noone expected that it snowed during peach blossom season. Such a snowy springadded colour to Kongtong Mountain.

The snow in April danced to fall down in theearth. The late snow flakes were particularly delicate, soft, and dense, flyingover the Kongtong Mountain, as if pouring out their hearts. The spring snowmelted the past. However, the past has no trace!

Oh!It’s spring snow!She was no more coldthan winter snow, no more cruel than winter snow, no more cruel than winter snow. She had only a soft heart, and a small, lonely face.

Snow was gone with the wind slowly,gently,and then falling  gently melting. Therewas no wandering, no lingering, no a trace of sadness. Lastly, it moistened theroad to mountain topquietly.

Ah!When Kongtong Mountain meets April spring snow,  it seemed to fall into another heaven again .

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