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The Ticket and Preferential Policies of Kongtong Mountain Scenic Area in 2018


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[The ticket priceof Kongtong Mountain Scenic Area in 2018 ]

1. The high season (April 1- October 31 of 2018solstice) 120 yuan/person.

2. The off-season (November 1- March 31 innext year)60 yuan/person.

3. The on-line ticket price for the adult is115 yuan/person in high season, 60 yuan/person in the off-season.

[Related Ticket Reductionand Free Policy]

1. Tourists could enjoy the half discount ifone of the following conditions is true:

(1) All elderly persons aged 60 to 69 (with IDcard);

(2) Full-time undergraduate and belowstudents (with student ID card);

(3) Children above 3250px tall (under 14years old).

2. Tourists could enjoy the free ticket if oneof the following conditions is true:

(1)The elderly over the age of 70 orthoseabove 60 years old in Gansu province (with ID card);

(2) Children under 3250px tall (under 14years old);

(3) Retired cadres (retirement certification);

(4) Religious professionals (with valid credentials);

(5)Holders of the religious conversioncertificate in Gansu province ( with valid certificates);

(P.S.:theconversion certificate, issued by KongtongMountain Taoism and Buddhism Association, must have the seal of the religiousmanagement section of Kongtong Mountain Administration);

(6) The disabled (with disabilitycertificates);

(7) Labor models awarded by the people’sgovernments at or above the provincial level (including the provincial level);

(8)Journalists in the news media (with the presscard or valid certificates issued by the provincial press and publicationdepartment or above provincial level);

(9)Tour guide (with state guide certificateand tours itinerary);

(10) Travel agency manager (with nationaltravel agent qualification certificate);

(11) Enlisted man, retired cadres of thearmy and cadets of military academies (with military officer certificate,military or cadet certificates);

(12)Scientific explorers, or members of ArtAssociation, Calligraphy Association, Writers’ Association, Film Association, andKongtong Culture Seminar and Kongtong Kungfu research Association (with validcredentials);

The above preferential policies are validonly for the holders of valid documents when they are at the entrance of thescenic area.

[Preferential Policiesfor Team Tourists]

Theteam tourists can contact with the localtravel agency appointed by Kongtong MountainScenic Area.Kongtong Mountain scenic area has signed preferential policyagreements with local agents.

(I)Primary and secondary tourists source market.

Centeringon Kongtong Mountain scenic area,basing on tourist market volume size, KongtongMountain scenic areadivides surrounding tourist market into the eastern market(Shaanxi province), the western market (Gansu province, Qinghai province), thenorthern market (Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region).

(Ⅱ)Thethird-level tourists source market.

Travelagencies in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.


Thereare two kinds of preferential activities in the market of potential market:

1. Sharingcool and refreshing holiday with people from Sichuan and Chongqing.We invitetourists from Sichuan and Chongqingto enjoy a cool summer vacation, who takes ahigh-speed train to Xi’an or Lanzhou.

2. Appreciating some people from Tianjin.Owing to the strategy of cooperation between the east and the west, We invite touristsfrom Tianjin to visit Kongtong Mountain.

Thetravel agencies in the above market are entitled to preferential treatment.

[Other Preferential Policies]

(I)Free access to one thousand scenic spots forPingliang residents.

1.Thecard is free of charge for all the ticket scenic spots in Pingliang city, suchas,Kongtong Mountain, DayunTemple, The Queen Mother’s Palace, Yunya Temple, Tianjiagou,Mijiagou and Haizhaigou.

2.The card is free to visit 1,041 famous scenic spots (including 80 5A scenicspots, 200 scenic spots whose ticket selling above 100 yuan/person ), of which813scenic spots are free and 191 scenic spotsare free only once. Tourists withthe free card could travel some specific scenic spots ,but he must beaccompanied by one person or more, the accompanied also can enjoy discounttickets .

3.The card holder can enjoy the discount of some cooperative shopping, catering,accommodation and other enterprises in Pingliang.

4.The Kongtong Mountain Intelligent Tourism Company will sell cards to Pingliang’sresidents for 99 yuan/person.

(Ⅱ)Free highways.

Iftourists buyKongtong Mountain’s ticket packages, they could drive on the one-wayhighway for free from Lanzhou to Pingliang, Xi’ anto Pingliang,Yinchuan to Pingliang,Xining to Pingliang. The Kongtong Mountain Intelligent Tourism Companyisresponsible for selling the ticket packages.

[Preferential Policies of Travel Agencies Introducedby Provincial and Municipal Governments.]

(I)There are seven ways to reward the travel agencies who organize extramuraltravel teams to visit Pingliang.

Iftravel agencies bring more than 10-non-Pingliang tourists team to visit oneclosed scenic spot, government will reward 10 yuan/person ; visiting more thantwo scenic spots, reward 20 yuan/person;If tourists visit one scenic spot andstay overnight, travel agency will be rewarded 30 yuan/person.If tourists visitmore than two scenic spots and stay one night, travel agency will be rewarded40 yuan/person.If tourists visit more than three scenic spots and stay twonights, travel agency will be rewarded 60 yuan/person.The above reward is up to40% during off-season.The top five of the total number of the annual group willbe awarded, the first prize will be 50,000 yuan, the second prize will beawarded 30,000 yuan, and the third prize will be awarded10,000 yuan. Organizingmore than 100 overseas tourists throughout the year, the travel agency will be reward20,000 yuan.In the travel route of Pingliang, if travel agency combinesHealth Tourism,Red Tourism and Rural Tourism, it will be rewarded 100 yuan one time.

()the subsidy policy of travel agency tobring intourists into Gansu.

Iftravel agents organize chartered-plane overseas tourists to stay in ourprovince for more than 3 days and more than 2 nights, they will receive asubsidy of 20,000 yuan per set. Organizing domesticchartered-plane touristsfrom outside Gansu province, agents leave tourists stay in our province for 3days and more than 2 nights,agents will be rewarded by plane types. Under100-seats plane, 10,000 yuan for agents;100-160 seats 15,000 yuan for agents;more than 160 seats, 20,000 yuan for agents. If organizing domestic andoverseas tourists to visit Gansu by tourist-dedicated train, and stay in ourprovince for more than 3 days and more than 2 nights, agents will be rewarded20,000 yuan. In addition, there are seven subsidies, such as annual travelteam, off-season tourism, and expanding overseas market.

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