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The 2017 National Mountaineering Race (Kongtong Mountain Station) and the 5th Gansu Pingliang “Sports Cup”Mountaineering Challenge Competition


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This race themes on “National fitness makes Chinese Dream come true”. On July 2,  The 2017 national mountaineering race (Kongtong Mountain Station) and the 5th Gansu Pingliang “Sports Cup” mountaineering challenge competition is opening shots in ancient town of Kongtong Mountain scenic area.More than 3,000 people, from all provinces, autonomous regions,municipalities directly under the central government and Pingliang municipal party and social organizations, enterprises and institutions, students, mountaineers will compete with each other in Kongtong Mountain. The competition also attracted 50 foreign athletesfrom Ghana, Sudan, Rwanda, Moldova in Africa, Nigeria, Benin and Bangladesh in Asia to participate in .    

This opening ceremonyis presided over by the vice mayor Huang Donghong of Pingliang Municipal peoples government, and Xu Chuan presents flag-giving and declares ceremony opening, who is the secretary of the party committee mountaineering sports management center of Chinas General Sports Administration. Wang Darui -- the deputy secretary of Pingliang Municipal Party, Ding Huiru -- thedeputy director Gansu provincial Sports Bureau ,vice-chairman of provincialathleticfederation delivered speeches.


the vice mayor Huang Donghong of Pingliang Municipal peoples government presides over the opening ceremony



Xu Chuan presents flag-giving and declares ceremony opening

A number of provincial personalities are present. Such as, Xu chuan the party committee secretary of mountaineering management center of Chinas General SportsAdministration; Liu Yannan --the project manager of open-air mountaineering sports management center inChinas General SportsAdministration; Ding Huiru -- thedeputy director Gansu provincial Sports Bureau ,vice-chairman of provincialathleticfederation; Ma Saimin --the former deputy director of Gansu provincial Sports Bureau; Li Xiaoping Liu WenyiLiu Sheng also attend this race ceremony. Meanwhile, Wang Darui --the deputy secretary of Pingliang Municipal Party, Zhang Qiaoying -- deputy director of Pingliang Municipal Peoples Congress; the vice mayor Huang Donggong; Guo Hong -- the vice president of CPPCC will also attend the opening ceremony.In addition, there are leaders in charge of organizing committee.

The nationalmountaineering fitness competition is hosted by the Chinese Mountaineering Association, Pingliang Municipal government , and undertaken by Gansu province Sports Bureau, Mountaineering Outdoor Sports Association, Pingliang cultural radio filmTV Newsand press publication Bureau, Pingliang Tourism Administration, Kongtong District People's Government, Kongtong Scenic area Management Committee. Some wonderful performances were present in the opening ceremony:Kongtong martial arts, diabolo, national dance, and fitness Qigong.


prepared runners


This event consists of malefemale challenge groups and fitness groups.

The route of the this race covers 8,610 meters,from kongtong ancient town , the north gate, gathering-immortal bridge , Tanzheng lake park, the south gate ticket center, Wendao palace, the queen mothers palace to Chung Tai platform. The challenge group accepted the first 12 men,and the first eight women, and the first three men and women were awarded 3,000 yuan, 2,000 yuan and 1,000 yuan respectivelythen the fourth ,fifth, sixth place were awarded 800 yuan respectively; the seventh,eighth, ninth place were awarded 500 yuan;the rest of were awarded 300 yuan. In addition to, participant organization also received excellent organization prize.


starting off


scene game


scene game


scene game


excited climbers


staff members


foreign friends

Pingliang, which is located in the intersection of Shanxi,Gansu and Ningxia provinces, includes one district , six counties and has a total area of 11,000 square kilometers, a total population of 2.268 million. With a long history, profound culture, rich resources, convenient traffic, developed commerce, numerous places of interest,it has formed the Taoist culture of Kongtong mountain, the root-seeking culture of Queen Mother of the West , and the acupuncture and moxibustion culture of traditional Chinese medicine. Jingning ancient Ji culture . Therefore, it has been named the important town of ancient “Silk Road”, “Dry Wharf in Gansu province. It has received names of China Excellent Tourism City ,National Demonstration City , Top Ten Cities of Non-polluted Fruit and Vegetables in China and Provincial civilized city and so on .)

There are 320 sports and fitness centers (stations) in the whole city, and more than 380 fitness outlets are built, and 5,641 social sports instructors are trained at all levels. Pingliang has successively built one of snow-charcoal projects of the national general sport administration , 5 national youth sports clubs, 84 Bodybuilding Route Projects for All People, 102 townships (town) have built a township (town) a standing workstation (style), 864 villages built farmer sports fitness projects, 66 township (towns) have built sport centers. Meanwhile, Pingliang Sports center has been put into use. Sports ground covers an area of 1.4 square meters per ca pita. Public sports venues are all open to the masses all-weather free or low-cost to meet the requirements of the national fitness, and provide convenience for the public. The city also cultivated  some famous athletes, such as Li Zhuhong, Zhang Lixia, Li Xiaogang, Yao Jiana, Lu Yan, Peng Na, and other athletes have repeatedly won gold and silver in international and domestic competition.

In recent years, sports work of Pingliang city aims at providing service for healthy body,developing social economy, improving sports infrastructure construction, enhancing sports reserve personnel training,  promoting the development of sports industry, and enriching the life style of the general public. with the support of State Sport General Administration,under the proper leadership of Chinese Communist Party, Pingliang  city party committee and municipal government attach great importance to sports work and have successfully held the sixth international health conference, three times tour of Qinghai lake in Pingliang stage, national fitness mountain climbing competition, international fighting game competition, Kongtong Martial Arts festival and other sports events. All of these activities have caused a furor inside and outside of the province, and won worldwide acclaim and achieved good economic and social results.


Meng Yinkui --the member of the standing committee of the Kongtong District deputy secretary and director-general of the Administrative Committee of Kongtong Mountain Scenic Area


Meng Junqiang,the deputy secretary anddiscipline secretary of the Administrative Committee of Kongtong MountainScenic Area presenting some winning companies with awards

This national mountaineering challenge is an important national sports event, whichis under the economic and social development into a new normal.it issignificant for Pingliang city to seriously implement the national fitnessstrategic deployment and carry forward the theme, pass the positive energy.Through holding the contest, Pingliang city accelerates the integrationdevelopment of cultural and sports tourism, sets up a fitness andself presentation platform for a majority of citizens. Meanwhile, it has alsopromoted the rapid development of competitive sports, mass sports,sportsindustry and venue facilities, and sports undertakings have played an importantrole in building a large cultural pattern.

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